Funeral Attire Questions and Answers

What to Wear to a funeral?

A funeral is one situation where you have to follow an attire code. Generally, you want to wear black clothes or darker clothes in general. This is a sign of respect and appreciation, but you also show that you are mourning the person. This is why you always want to wear darker colored and darker tones in general. It’s the ideal thing, and you don’t want to step away from that too much.

The same thing can be said with the style of clothing. You want it to be respectful, so short skirts aren’t really ok here. Going with a more respectful attire is crucial here, and it’s certainly one thing to consider as much as possible. That’s undoubtedly a thing to take into consideration.

How do you look stylish at a funeral?

Even if the funeral attire is usually very specific and it has little room to work with, you can still look stylish at a funeral. Ideally, you want to go with darker tones while still exuding class. We recommend avoiding anything that’s revealing. Instead, you want to wear high-quality clothing that looks great and conveys a good look. You can also experiment but keep it classy and with darker tones. The idea is not to stand out but still look great, which is exactly why a trial and error approach never hurts.

Can you wear a floral dress to a funeral?

That’s a good choice, but there are a few limitations here. One thing you want to remember is that the contrast level needs to be low. As long as the floral dress is not bright, that will be more than ok. The contrast level can often be a little higher if you have a tailored, elegant dress. In that case, the floral dress is ok for the funeral. But this won’t always be the case, and that’s exactly why you must take it into consideration. Keep it classy and not overly bright, then you will be fine.

What color should you not wear to a funeral?

One thing to remember at a funeral is that black, deep blue, or dark grey are suitable colors. The colors you shouldn’t wear at a funeral are red, pink, orange, yellow or anything bright. This is a place where you mourn the loss of a person, so dark colors are always very appropriate. If you choose any bright colors, that shows a lack of respect. This is why you should use none of the colors mentioned above at a funeral. Otherwise, it will be more than ok.

What kind of shoes do you wear to a funeral?

When you want to attend a funeral, one of the most common questions is what shoes you should wear. You will often notice that flats, closed-toed heels or conservative shoes are the ideal options. Open-toed shoes or fancy sandals will be okay if the climate is warm. But in general, you want to stay respectful to the funeral etiquette, and these guidelines will be the things you need to think about here.

Is wearing white to a funeral disrespectful?

As we all know, wearing black at a funeral is usually the norm. So, the question is, what if you wear white to the funeral all of a sudden? Is that a bad thing, and will it be a problem? White is a neutral color, and neutral colors are usually ok for a funeral. It’s a clever idea to ask the family to be safe. Plus, if you choose to wear white combined with darker tones, that will be appropriate. It all comes down to the way you integrate white into your outfit. Adding it along with darker tones is always a good idea.

Can I wear black jeans to a funeral?

To wear jeans at a funeral, you should know that denim, in general, is not proper for a funeral. The color doesn’t matter here. Sure, black would be suitable at a funeral, but denim is not ok as a material for a funeral. This is why you must ensure you follow the guidelines as otherwise you might not have the right etiquette. For casual and outdoor services, dark denim with a blazer and a buttoned-down shirt will be appropriate.

Can you wear leggings to a funeral?

Yes, you can wear leggings at a funeral if the family agrees. The idea here is to avoid anything with many prints or embellishments. As long as it’s simple and plain, you should be more than ok. Just try to keep that in mind. Leggings at a funeral can be a great pick if you combine them with a darker outfit in general. Mixing and matching colors appropriate for a funeral is always a great idea!

What should you not wear to a funeral?

There are plenty of things not exactly right for a funeral. For example, athletic wear, shorts, tank tops and casual clothes, in general, will not be ok at all. The same thing can be said about boat shoes, sneakers, tennis shoes or flip flops. Neon neckties and bright colored accessories or purses are a no-go too. The same thing can be said about wearing jeans, since they are too casual for a funeral. These ideas are things you want to follow, and you should be fine in the end.

Is it appropriate to have bare legs at a funeral?

This is a common question, and it has a simple answer: no. You should never have bare legs at a funeral. The skirt length should be either below the knee level or at the knee at the very least. Don’t expose too much skin. Wearing darker stockings is the respectful thing to do in a situation like this, so try to consider that. Making sure that you wear the right things is a sign of respect. Remember, this is not a place to show off your current look, so you want to keep things classy and simple. Doing that is what will make a difference here.

What do toddlers wear to a funeral?

You might wonder what is ok at a funeral if you have a toddler. Any clothing will be fine, as long as it’s not distracting or too flashy. Toddlers usually have bright colors, sparkles or various characters on their clothes. Those clothes are not appropriate for a funeral. Going with a solid or neutral color is usually the right approach here, and it will help if you stick to something more simplistic. Bright colors won’t be a good fit, so you should go with something neutral.

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