Examples of Great Epitaphs

Epitaphs are very important because they are a great tribute for a person who has just passed away. The epitaph should signify what a person did and how they managed to change the world. The truth is that you can find a large variety of epitaphs, many of which are great, others less so. That is why we created a quick list with some of the best epitaphs you can use as an inspiration.

Traditional epitaphs

  • He was a friend to many, stranger to none.
  • We will meet again soon, dear friend.
  • In loving memory
  • He offered us a lifetime of love and laughter.
  • You might be gone, but you’re never forgotten.
  • No one will ever take your place.

This last one is a great epitaph if you want to show the importance that someone had in your life. Losing someone you love can be devastating, and that’s why you need to show your respect and appreciation for that person.

There are always flowers for those that want to see them.

This is a very good one, because it shows there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. It works very well if the person that passed away was a very positive person and they always inspired you. Having this as an epitaph is fitting, and it definitely adds the unique style and ideas that you might expect.

Your warmth and wisdom made the world a better place.

You want to show signs of appreciation to someone that truly made an impact on you with their life and their work. That kind of approach always helps, and it pushes the limits in a way that’s exciting, but also rewarding and filled with joy. With that in mind, it’s always creative and fun, and you will be amazed with the style and benefits.

Thank you for bringing a small part of Heaven.

Appreciating the person that offered you comfort, attention, and appreciation is very important. That’s why you can use this epitaph, because it shows just how much the person meant to you and the changes that they made in your life. It’s a very good epitaph, one that resonates with people often.

Our lives are poorer without you.

It’s one of those epitaphs that continue to show respect for the person that passed away. It shows that losing them makes your life a lot less meaningful, and you truly appreciated them every step of the way, which is exactly what makes life so interesting and rewarding.

One in light, love and joy.

Ultimately we all want to remember the bright moments in life, especially when a loved one passes away. That’s what this epitaph is all about, and it certainly adds a very unique style, while also bringing in ideas that you would want all the time.

The best is yet to be.

The reality is that anyone who passes away is always with you in spirit. That’s why it can be a great idea to take your time and share this epitaph, because it shows just how much you cared about them and appreciated them. It’s definitely something different, and it will help to convey an incredible style and astonishing results.

Behind the clouds the sun is still shining.

Showing appreciation and candor is important, because there will always be demanding moments no matter the situation. At the end of the day, we need to feel that, and to understand that no matter what we do, life will eventually end. It’s the legacy that you get and in the end it will help pursue amazing events in the long term.

Safe home at least.

If the loved one had a very rough couple of years before passing away, then the idea of finally being at peace is very meaningful. You can appreciate that with this epitaph, and it certainly hits home in ways that you would not expect. It’s always important to be creative with epitaphs, and this one certainly adds to the experience.

We are stardust.

This epitaph shows just how meaningless we are in this world. We are just simple specs of dust that easily go away and our planet continues to evolve and live without us. That makes the epitaph such a great one to have on a tombstone. It’s very impressive, and it manages to bring in a unique way to express how your loved one felt about the world and humanity as a whole.

Time passes; love remains.

You can use this epitaph as a way to express true love; it’s one of those things you will like quite a bit. Of course there are tricky moments that arise, but at the end of the day you want to enjoy them and immerse yourself in the process. With a great epitaph like this, you still get to show your life, while also showing a unique approach and perspective all the time.

Into the sunshine.

It’s a great way to pay respect and show that even if the loved one passed away, great things can still arise. It’s all a matter of adapting everything and making sure you tackle the process with great attention in the long run. That alone can make it well worth the effort.

I, together with thee.

This epitaph shows your support and respect to the person who has passed away. It shows that life will always have its fair share of challenges, and it will bring bad moments. But it’s up to you to tackle them and ensure that everything is managed with great ease. That alone is certainly a thing that you want to pursue and think about, even if it does have its fair share of demanding moments.

The pleasure was all ours.

It’s always good to think about new ways you can show your respect to the person who passed away. Showing that you had the pleasure of having someone and that you continue to appreciate them is very important. It shows class and style.


There’s no denying that these epitaphs are very interesting, and they do show your appreciation and respect for the person who passed away. It’s good to come up with epitaphs that are unique, interesting, and different. It adds to the process, while also making it easy to show what you really think about a person. A good epitaph might be hard to find, but these are definitely worth a try.

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