What to Do With a Widow’s Wedding Ring

Once the spouse dies, the question for a lot of widows is what they can actually do with the wedding ring. Needless to say, this is a very challenging time, and one that can be quite demanding for any family. That’s why having the appropriate plans in mind for something like this can make a huge difference. And that’s why we created a list with various ideas and plans you can use when it comes to the wedding ring of a widow.

Wearing It

One of the most common things to do with a wedding ring after a funeral is to wear it. Some wear it for a while, others wear it for their entire life. There are many reasons why this can be common. Maybe it makes them feel safe. Or they want to cherish the presence of their loved one even after they have died. This is not mandatory, yet a lot of people choose to do it because they feel it’s the rightful approach and the best thing to do. Whether it is a great idea or not, it’s a personal decision. But needless to say, a lot of people choose to do it.

Moving it to the Right Hand

Those that are widowed can sometimes move the wedding ring to the right hand. That won’t happen all the time, but some do that and it’s because they want to commemorate their loved one in a way that’s unique and different. It’s stuff like that which makes a huge difference and the benefits are great. You still feel a connection to the loved one, and you still get to enjoy the ring.

Adding a Memorial diamond

After you lose someone, you want to keep their ring, but also refresh it a little bit. Some go for a complete redesign. Others go with a memorial diamond added to the former wedding ring. It’s a great way to keep the wedding ring and have it near you, but also to add a way for it to stay unique. That on its own is something to enjoy and appreciate more than you might expect.

A Ceremonial Goodbye

Sometimes having a ceremonial goodbye can actually close any gaps and just help you focus on the future. It still helps you to appreciate the past the way you always should, and that’s the kind of stuff that truly makes a difference here. When it comes to the ceremony, you want to make it interesting and exciting. It all comes down to having fun and truly pushing the limits in a way that’s rewarding and very good as a whole. It takes some trial and error, but in the end the benefits can be extremely interesting. You can have multiple people at the ceremony and the wedding ring can be tossed into the river during the ceremony.

Use It as a Necklace

This is maybe the best way to use a wedding ring from your loved one. You can add it as a necklace, and it’s simple stuff like that which makes a difference. It will take a bit of a trial and error to narrow down everything, but in the end you can easily create a great necklace combo that truly stands out. Being able to have a necklace has a deep meaning, and that alone is one of the things you really need to think about in a situation like this.

Go for a Redesign

The redesign idea is actually quite interesting, and it all comes down to options. A good jeweler will be able to redesign the wedding ring, and you can easily add an inscription, or he can take stones from the band and put them in a necklace or onto a brooch. There are all kinds of options to consider here, and it’s all a matter of finding what works and how you can adapt everything to a style that fits you and which you enjoy.

Gifting it

You can gift the wedding ring as an heirloom. Not only does it have a great meaning, it also adds to the overall importance that the wedding ring has. It’s crucial to keep it and then share it as a gift only with someone within your family. That’s when you get the utmost importance and in the end it will help convey a stellar result. It’s stuff like that which helps bring in a fun and enjoyable moment, and that’s going to be worth the effort.

Add It to the Cremation Urn

While it’s not very common due to its complexity, this can actually be a good option for a lot of people. It’s a clever idea because you get to add it to the urn and the best part is that you will be able to remember your loved one and the ring whenever you look at the urn. We recommend avoiding any rush when you go with such an idea, because it can be very intricate and it does require attention. Then again, it will be well worth it every time.

Bury it with your spouse

You don’t always have to keep the ring. If you opt for a burial, you can actually bury it with your loved one. It makes sense, and it can be seen as a final goodbye.

Plant it With a Memory Tree

The focus here is to honor your spouse, and also give life to something, while having the wedding ring near the tree. It’s a symbol of life, and it really stands out with the importance and uniqueness of this gesture.


There are a lot of things that you can do with a widow’s wedding ring. The ideas listed above are a few of the many options you can focus on. It really adds to the experience and in the end the outcome as a whole can be nothing short of staggering. Of course there are demanding situations that can arise, but if you handle it right and find a way to honor your spouse in doing so, it will be well worth it. No option is better than the other, it all comes down to what you feel is right!