How to Buy a Cemetery Plot?

Buying a cemetery plot is a very important decision and one that you shouldn’t take lightly. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when purchasing a cemetery plot. With that being said, there are 3 main steps that you need to focus on when buying a cemetery plot, each one with its fair share of pros and cons. However,, the right cemetery plot doesn’t have to be the largest one you can find. Smaller cemetery plots are still more than ok, and they will convey a very good value.

Things to consider when selecting the site

Generally, there are a large variety of small things to keep in mind when you select the cemetery plot and its location. Obviously, you want to narrow down and see if you go with a casketed burial or with cremation. Depending on the option, you will be a bit limited when it comes to the cemetery plot you can buy. It’s a good idea to buy the cemetery plot in advance, so you can avoid last minute problems and many other issues that can arise. After all, the better you are prepared for this, the easier it will be to handle when the time comes.

You also want to figure out if you want an in-ground burial or if you want to go with an above ground entombment. Both of them are very common, so it’s up to you to choose what works for you and what value you can bring to the table. That alone can really make it very interesting and you can identify the better option with great ease. Then there’s also the type of permanent memorialization you want to have. All of these can make it easier to identify the ideal place and option, while also figuring out some of the specifics, which is definitely a thing to keep in mind here.

What things should you ask?

It always pays off to ensure that you ask the right questions whenever you want to buy a cemetery plot. Ideally, you want to see the overall landscape in that region, if that comes with a very specific set of guidelines or requirements, those might end up raising the overall price. Having a checklist is always going to help as it eases the process and it eliminates a lot of back and forth.

There are other considerations that you can make here too. For example, you want to see if the cemetery plot is near any special feature like a pond, water feature, memorial, sculpture, etc. This certainly adds to the cost, so it’s one of those things you really need to keep in mind.

In addition, you want to see how easy the grave is to reach, and also how elevated the land is, or if it’s depressed. You must keep in mind that depressed areas will retain surface water, so that can be an inconvenience. They are less expensive because of that, so if you want a budget option, that might be a thing to take into consideration.

See how far the cemetery plot is from a paved road, ideally you want to have some privacy, so not having the plot near a paved road is a better option. Of course, you don’t want it to be too far either, because that’s going to be an issue and a major problem to deal with. But in the end, it’s definitely going to offer better results if you study the location adequately and identify the ideal place.

Financial considerations

When you buy a cemetery plot, you need to realize that it can get very costly. You should start with a set budget, but the reality is that sometimes you may need to add to the budget, especially if you have any special preferences. That’s the reason why we recommend checking the market and seeing the cemetery plots that are currently available.

In regards to the overall costs, prices can be all over the place. Sometimes you will find cemetery plots that cost under $1000, but there are also some that are well over $10,000. As we mentioned above, it all varies based on what you expect.

Also, many times you will end up buying the plot alone, and any adjacent costs come separately, including perpetual care, permanent memorialization, labor charges, etc. In other cases, these costs are included. All you have to do is ask and see what you’re getting for the price. It’s very common that most cemetery plots come without any labor or maintenance included, so even if their price is more affordable, you will have to pay extra for other services. That’s not ideal, but it does happen very often, which is something to take into account.

Should you go to the cemetery or a private seller?

Ideally, you want to buy directly from the cemetery. They are transparent when it comes to the transaction and you also have a sense of trust knowing exactly how the process works. You can also budget payments over time, so you don’t need to spend a large amount of money right off the bat. This is the type of stuff that really matters, and it certainly helps make the process easier.

You will find third party sellers that sell cemetery plots themselves. When you work with third party sellers, the advantage is that you are paying less, but you have a lack of transparency and trust. You also need to pay in full. Plus, it can be a bit difficult to prove the transaction in some cases, not to mention some sellers can be rather sketchy. So it makes sense to buy a cemetery plot from the cemetery, but if you feel the price is too high, you can also look for some private sellers.

Should you go in person or just transact via email and banks?

That depends on how much time you have on your hands. Generally, we recommend always transacting in person, visiting the cemetery plot and seeing what you are paying for. You always want to ensure that you buy the right cemetery plot and you know what you are purchasing. So it’s a good idea to visit the cemetery plot and then transact in person. Sure, online tools can help to identify the plot and so on, but visiting it in-person can’t be replaced.

We recommend taking these tips into account if you want to buy the best cemetery plot. It will take a bit of a trial and error period to narrow down the right approach and place where you can buy a cemetery plot from, but in the end it will pay off. Take your time, figure out what budget you have and what your requirements are, then it will be a lot easier to identify what works for you. That’s the thing that matters in the end, after all, to ensure that you buy the right cemetery plot you always wanted. It’s an important transaction, so you shouldn’t take things lightly.

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