What Is Cremation Jewelry?

Losing a loved one is one of the most emotionally difficult experiences one can undergo. If you are mourning the recent loss of a loved one, you may be wondering how you can honor their memory to forever hold them close to your heart. Besides holding a funeral or memorial service for your loved one, and choosing to do a burial ceremony or cremation service to honor their remains, you also have the option of paying tribute to your loved one through cremation jewelry. 

For many, scattering a loved one’s remains or visiting their gravesite from time to time feels too final of a goodbye, not allowing for sufficient peace and closure. Keeping a loved one’s memory and spirit closer through a special token they wear daily would offer tremendous comfort. Cremation jewelry, also known as funeral jewelry, is something you’ve probably heard of before, perhaps in a casual conversation with a friend or simply a movie scene. Although it is unfortunately not possible to bring back your loved one and change the past, cremation jewelry can help you hold a tangible memory of your loved one, to feel closer to their life story and spirit and to help you cope through your grief. 

Cremation jewelry, or funeral jewelry creates an opportunity to honor and preserve the memory of your loved one in a more personal and lasting way. It can be worn as a meaningful and elegant piece, or simply displayed in your home in a special place for you and your family.

These precious gems are a way to cherish and hold closer to us a loved one that has departed, making saying our goodbyes just a little less painful. Sentimental items such as a photograph, a video, or a shirt your loved one wore, are also surely poignant reminders of a loved one’s time with us. However, cremation jewelry offers a powerful type of closure that serves as a meaningful symbol to honor your loved one that can be difficult to acquire elsewhere. One of the most significant features of cremation jewelry is that you can choose to not only hold cremated remains of a loved one inside them, but you can also choose to encapsulate a handful of other meaningful remains inside a cremation token of your loved one as well. 

What Kinds of Sentimental Items Can You Keep Inside Cremation Jewelry?

As part of your cremation jewelry of choice, you’ll notice a hidden cremation urn in which the cremated remains are held. Although this is what many choose to encapsulate inside their cremation jewelry, it is not the only option.

Other examples of items you can also choose to hold inside your cremation jewelry include: 

  • A lock of hair
  • An eyelash
  • A small piece of cloth
  • Dried ceremony flowers

What Kinds of Styles and Types Are Available for Cremation Jewelry?

Cremation jewelry is available in a wide variety of styles and aesthetics to help families personalize their cremation jewelry to best suit their needs and properly honor their loved one. Families can also choose from a large selection of different types of stones and gems to use for their cremation tokens.

A popular choice for cremation jewelry is a cremation jewelry necklace worn around the neck to keep a loved one’s memory close to your heart. Others may choose a cremation bracelet that adorns their wrist or cremation rings to hold their loved one’s memory on their finger. You may also choose earrings or a keychain to honor your loved one through cremation jewelry.

You may also want to take your departed loved one’s style, favorite things or passions into consideration for inspiration for your cremation jewelry. For example, if the deceased loved flowers or boats, you may decide to incorporate the design into a piece of cremation jewelry or to have the piece itself fashioned into the shape of a flower or boat itself to wear as a memoir pendant necklace. 

Cremation Jewelry as a Gift

Cremation jewelry can also serve an incredibly thoughtful gift for the death anniversary of a loved one or for a funeral gift. Gifting a loved one who is grieving a tremendous loss is a beautiful gesture of your compassion that also serves as a poignant, lasting memory of the loved one they lost. Thanks to their durability, cremation jewelry tokens can be passed down from generation to generation to continue to honor a loved one’s life story for years to come. Many families choose to jointly acquire the same cremation jewelry to wear as a beautiful reminder of their shared love for a lost partner or family member.

The bottom line is, you can choose to proudly wear and preserve a little piece of your loved one in a simple yet powerful way, bringing honor and light to the lasting love you have for him or her. Cremation jewelry is a wonderful way to transform a loved one’s ashes into a symbol of emotional significance and enduring beauty.

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