Should you send a gift when someone passes away.

When someone passes away, it’s not uncommon for many of us to wonder if we should send gifts or other tokens of support to our grieving loved ones. You may be surprised to learn that many people find themselves confused as to whether it is even a good idea at all to send or not to send a gift, and if they could be disobeying some sort of protocol or tradition by doing so. However, even if you didn’t know the deceased, it is usually acceptable and appropriate to send a gift when someone passes away. Gifts are meaningful symbols of our love, helping to express our condolences and sympathy and  let the bereaved know they are in our thoughts during this emotionally difficult time. 

Continue reading to learn more about why sending a gift to a grieving loved one can be a compassionate and thoughtful gesture and learn more about funeral gift etiquettes, including the kinds of gifts you can give to grieving loved ones. 

Why Send a Gift to Someone Who’s Grieving?

It’s not always easy to find the right words to help and support a loved one who is grieving. It can be quite difficult to watch those we love feel so hopeless and alone in an emotionally challenging situation. Many times, we may feel we just don’t have the right words or know what to do to help ease some of their pain or to bring some light to a melancholy situation. Sending a gift to grieving loved ones can serve as a reminder that they are not alone and that they have your love and support during this time.

It can be even more difficult to feel that we can still offer our loved ones our support and reassurance when they are situated far away from us, prohibiting us from being able to be physically present with them during this time. If you can’t physically be present for grieving loved ones, you may decide to send a gift to let them know you are there for them, and that they can count on you to be a bastion of compassion and support.  

Fortunately, nowadays, sending a condolence gift is easier than ever. You can easily purchase one online and have it delivered to your grieving loved one.

Gift Ideas to Send to a Grieving Loved One

As you can see, sending a gift to a grieving loved one transcends the concept of adhering to a certain obligation or following specific traditions. Receiving a gift from someone we love during a time of grief, no matter what the gift, can almost immediately warm someone’s heart and offer them a much-needed comfort during a troubled time. At the very least, it is always a good idea to send a sympathy card if you can’t physically  be present with them and attend the funeral services in person. 

When it comes to sympathy gifts, you have so many options as to what are acceptable gestures of your love and condolences.

Here are a few gift ideas to send to a grieving friend or loved one.

Sympathy card with a meaningful message. As we briefly mentioned above, a sympathy card is usually the foundation of any funeral gift. We recommend you write a kind message expressing your condolences and feelings to your loved ones and let them know they remain in your thoughts and prayers. Never underestimate the power of a few sincere words written from the heart.

Flower Bouquet. You can almost never go wrong with flowers as a sympathy gift. For years, flowers have been praised as funeral essentials, and have served as a symbol of the sympathy and support of many to those they love. Flowers represent the dual nature of the beauty and fragility of life, and are also associated with vitality and elegance, bringing hope to a dour situation.

When choosing flowers to send as a gift to a grieving loved one, try to go for warm-toned colors and flowers that represent peace and reverence. Also, try choosing flowers that are known for lasting a longer time and are sourced from reputable florists

A photo album. Sending a picture frame or photo album of your loved one with the deceased can go a long way for someone who has just lost someone they loved. Having beautiful and happy reminders of the wonderful times they shared with their loved one when their loved one was still alive can offer them peace and comfort as they grieve their loss. 

A warm meal or food basket. When grieving the death of a loved one, it’s not unusual to lack appetite or the strength to cook. As you find the best way to offer your support and sympathy, a warm meal or food basket can easily warm someone’s heart and offer some nourishment during times like these. Consider preparing your loved one’s favorite meal, or packing the baskets with a lot of delicious fruits, and perhaps some nourishing snacks.

Supporting a Loved One During Difficult Times

Sending a gift as a token of your sympathy and support is a fine and appropriate gesture to loved ones who are grieving. As long as you don’t choose something that causes further upset, it’s hard to go wrong with a condolence gift. We encourage you to choose one that best aligns with your loved one’s preferences and likes that would also offer them the most peace and reassurance during this time. We also recommend you try your best to send the gift as soon as possible and to wait no longer than two months after the funeral has taken place. 

Ultimately, we’d like to remind you that beyond any gift or material gesture, your presence and emotional support are the best gifts you can give. Yes, a gift is a beautiful way to comfort someone when there are no words, but so is a hug or a simple “I love you.” May we not forget this as we search for the perfect condolence gift.

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