Buying a Casket for Cremation

Organizing a funeral for a loved one is always an emotionally charged and complicated experience. Making the necessary arrangements and preparations, especially while you are mourning a deceased loved one, can be incredibly emotionally exhausting and overwhelming. However, as the funeral service serves as a final goodbye to a special loved one you lost, you of course want to coordinate a service that offers them a worthy sendoff. Therefore, you may be asking yourself many questions in regards to what kind of memorialization services you should choose, one being whether or not you should decide to include a cremation casket for your loved one during their cremation ceremony.

This is a common concern for many usually due to a variety of reasons that we will explore in this article. If you are wondering about whether to use a casket or not for the crematory ceremony of a loved one, continue reading to learn how to make a decision that will best suit you and your loved one’s needs. 

Are Caskets Necessary for Cremation?

Cremation has become one of the most common methods of memorializing deceased loved ones. It serves an important role in the funeral ceremonies of various religions, such as Hinduism for example. However, many families opt for cremation of their deceased loved ones without any strict religious affiliations as well. 

When planning for a cremation ceremony, there are many factors to take into consideration such as which flowers or which oil would be best to use. The question of whether or not to use a casket for a cremation ceremony arises as well. 

Beyond that of a simple yes or no, the answer to this question depends on the wishes of the deceased, and what will best suit you and your family’s needs and your budget. The below questions are the types of things you will need to consider in regards to your deceased loved one’s needs and preferences, to help you decide if a casket would be best for your loved one’s cremation ceremony or not:

  • Are you looking for a traditional or non-traditional cremation?
  • What is your budget?
  • Are you looking for eco-friendly alternatives?
  • How creative would you like to be in regards to your ceremony arrangements?
  • Did the deceased make any indications as to whether they would prefer a casket be used or not? If not, what would they have liked for their funeral ceremony?” 

As you read the rest of this article, keep these questions in mind to help you make your decision whether it would be best or not for you to purchase a casket for your loved one’s cremation ceremony. 

What are the Benefits of Using a Casket?

An appropriate and safe container that meets the requirements of the crematorium is necessary. The container is important for various reasons. 

Firstly, the container will shelter and protect the deceased during the transfer from the morgue to the crematorium. It will ensure the dignification of the human remains when the crematorium operators handle them. 

Secondly, most crematorium operators are not licensed to handle the remains directly without any container. 

What are the Downsides to Using a Casket?

While many of us may prefer a good traditional casket, they are not the most affordable option. There are a few downsides to using a casket. 

Caskets can be expensive. The average casket costs around $2,000, while more elaborate, bronze or copper ones typically will run you even more, costing around $10,000. 

If your budget is $1,000 – $2,000 for the entire funeral, you may want to drop the casket altogether and instead consider other more cost-efficient alternatives for the cremation ceremony. However, it is important to remember that caskets are the most expensive part of any funeral. After making your purchase of a casket that you consider appropriate and worthy of your deceased loved one, you typically will not have to worry about many other investments of higher or equal value to the cost of a cremation casket.

Where Can I Find Good Caskets?

Traditionally speaking, caskets have been sold by funeral homes only. However, caskets are now also being sold by showrooms and websites as well. This means that arranging a casket for cremation is now not only more accessible than it previously was, it also is not that much more complicated than any other type of online order purchase you would make. In case you didn’t know, you can easily buy a casket online from a dealer and have it shipped straight to the funeral home. 

You should keep in mind that according to the Funeral Rule, funeral homes can not charge you a fee for using a casket bought from elsewhere. It is also important to inquire in regards to the dealers you are considering making your purchase from to avoid being scammed by counterfeit online websites. 

Below is a list of some reputable online stores with positive reviews to check out: 

You can also check our available resources to find a casket store that delivers to your area or compare prices.

What are Some Alternatives to Caskets?

If you have decided not to use a casket, there are various creative alternatives you can choose from: 

  • Wicker Coffins

If you want to keep the cremation ceremony eco-friendly, this is the best way to go. These modern caskets are biodegradable and suitable for cremation as well. They cost typically slightly less than $1000, making them more affordable than traditional caskets and have lower impact to mother earth. 

  • Simple Unfinished Wood Casket

This is one of the oldest forms of caskets. Since they are not lined, embellished, or engraved with unique designs, they tend to cost a lot less than traditional caskets. A simple pine casket will cost you around $500 only. 

  • Cardboard Caskets

If you are really low on budget, then this is your best option. These super-simple cardboard caskets are an excellent choice. They are great for an eco-friendly burial and they cost less than $100 USD. 

  • Cloth Caskets

This is a good and cheap alternative and preferred in some religions. If your budget is on the much tighter side, this is a simple and dignified way to honor the deceased. If you want to add a special touch to the ceremony, you can wrap your deceased loved one in their favorite blanket. Keep in mind, however, that there is no “window” to look through to view your loved one in this type of casket. 

Whether you choose to have a traditional casket or opt for an alternative type for the cremation of your loved one, remember that the purpose of a casket is to dignify the cremation process as well as to help ensure the proper transfer of the deceased from the morgue to the crematorium. It is als important to consider durability and size of the casket you choose and to make sure it aligns with the preferences of your loved one being honored.

We hope this article offers you guidance during this complex and emotionally challenging time. Whether you decide to purchase a cremation casket or not, we offer a plethora of information and resources in regards to the cremation process and how to handle the cremated remains of a loved one to help give them the most honorable tribute.

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