Turning Cremated Ashes into a Memorial Diamond

Who would have thought that the saying “making beauty from ashes” could have ended up having such poignant meaning as we seek to find ways to pay homage to our deceased loved ones? Cremation has since become a leading choice of memorialization for many families due to the many benefits it offers including the versatility to honor a loved one’s remains in a variety of ways. Although there are many options available, one of our favorites, and perhaps most remarkable, is turning cremated ashes into diamonds.

If you have been wondering about a beautiful way to memorialize your loved one, while keeping a piece of them forever close, a diamond made from their cremated remains may be the perfect solution. In this quick guide, we’ll briefly touch on everything you need to know about memorial diamonds and how you can create a stunning and meaningful tribute to those you love. Continue reading as we find out all about making beauty from your loved one’s ashes.

What is a Memorial or Cremation Diamond and How is it Created?

Cremation diamonds, or eternal diamonds, offer a very unique and exquisite way to honor and remember a loved one that has passed away. Cremation diamonds possess all the same qualities and characteristics as that of natural diamonds and are made using the carbon found in someone’s cremated ways in a process that mimics the organic ways in which natural diamonds are created. Given the nature of diamonds and their use as a symbol of enduring love and eternal promises, they also serve as beautiful reminders of a deceased loved one.  

Memorial diamonds hold a small piece of those we love and are typically made from 200 grams or 8 ounces of cremated ashes using an HPHT technology or process. This process requires high and intense heat, pressure, and the carbon that is typically found in the bones and teeth of someone’s cremated remains. 

The Process to Turn Ashes into Diamonds

As cremation diamonds are lab-grown, they can be different from natural diamonds, appearing to have different color undertones due to the boron and carbon present in them, but they are still considered real diamonds. They typically take from 7-10 months to be finished and make poignant cremation jewelry pieces.

Simulating the organic conditions required by nature to make natural diamonds, cremation diamonds are made by using a purification, diamond growth, diamond cutting, and diamond coloration process.

Here is how it works:

  1. First, the carbon is isolated from the ashes. The graphite will be refined until it reaches 99.9 % carbon. This usually takes about 2 months.
  2. Your diamond will then begin to grow using a process of heat and pressure. This typically takes about 2-3 months.
  3. Your diamond is then cut, polished, engraved, and colored to then be delivered to you. This takes about 1-3 months.

The experts will make sure to reach your desired carat size, and have it inspected for 100% authenticity.

How Can I Know My Memorial Diamond Is Real?

First and most importantly, you’ll always want to make sure to work with a reputable company known for their expertise in the field and reliability. There are unfortunately many untrustworthy companies that exist and the last thing you want while you are grieving and memorializing a special loved one is to unknowingly find yourself victim to a scam, and getting charged a fortune for a memorial diamond that is not real nor contains your loved one’s remains. 

Once you’ve found a reputable company, there are a few ways you can make sure your memorial diamond is real:

  • Make sure it is certified. You should receive a certificate of authenticity along with your memorial diamond when it is delivered.
  • Make sure the company you’re working with documents and films the entire process for you to watch and keep track of the creation of your cremation diamond. 
  • Avoid companies that aren’t able to provide certification. While memorial diamonds are once again made in a lab, rather than naturally, you can still be confident that memorial diamonds are real and therefore subject to the same standards and graded equivalently to natural diamonds.

How Much Do Cremation Diamonds Cost?

We understand that you might be wondering how much does it cost to turn your loved one’s cremated remains into a beautiful diamond. The cost of turning ashes into diamonds can greatly vary depending on the carat size and color, ranging from as little as $750 to more than $20k. While it is generally a more expensive option to honor your loved one, it surely is one of the most beautiful and meaningful methods of memorialization. 

What Color Can I Expect My Cremation Diamond to Be?

Unless you are seeking a specific color, it is not necessary for your cremation diamond to go through the coloration process. Your diamond can be colorless, or you can select from any of the colors offered by your company of choice. Some of the most popular diamond color choices include: red, yellow, blue, or pink. Fortunately, you can choose your color of preference and find the one that reminds you the most of your loved one.

Honoring a Loved One That Has Passed Away

Deciding what to do with the cremated remains of your loved one is an emotionally charged and important decision. While it is never an easy decision, taking the opportunity to create a truly stunning, unique and powerful tribute to your loved one through the creation of a cremation diamond can be a wonderful and personal way to memorialize them. As diamonds are one of the most durable kinds of material found in the world, your cremation diamond will last for years to come. A cremation diamond is a poignant symbol of enduring and eternal bonds and can be the perfect, beautiful and meaningful reminder to honor those we love.

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